Your guide to follow a gluten-free diet

Gluten is hidden in unsuspected foods such as liquors, soy sauce, malt vinegar, some flavorings,  most processed foods, some sausages and most prepared soaps. Vinegars and liquors that are properly distilled should not contain any trace of gluten.

Gluten is also used llike a binder in some pharmaceutical products and may be part of starches in foods that don’t identify the starch and modified starch properly like an identified ingredient. Gluten is also included in candy coloring, in hydrolized plants or vegetable proteins.

A gluten-free diet

Is important to avoid products which ingredients are from questionable origin or named simply as natural flavors or vegetable extracts since gluten can be present in their manufacturing processes.

Most food producers have a free phone customer support which we ensure the provenance of ingredients and processings.

When patient is not sure whether a product is free of gluten, it is better not use.

Pure rice of any kind, tapioca, potatoes, corn, and vegetables are safe for gluten-free diet.

Most celiacs can tolerate soy derivated products, except soy sauce which is usually fermented with wheat.