About Aserceli

Aserceli are in essence a group of people, young and dynamic, with extensive experience in the food sector, whose main objective is to lay you our hand and to bring you our creations in order to not miss any flavor.

In Aserceli we care about you, so we offer quality products at all times ensuring that all products are ideal for food celiacs, incorporating FACE seal, which authenticates the manufacturing process free of gluten.

Nor do we forget the customer service. In Aserceli we offer a direct and personal deal that will make you feel at home. Furthermore you will have a personalized technical service that will solve all any doubt you may have about our products, and raise questions about celiac disease and everything that has to do with gluten-free products.

Aserceli grows, and due to that our continuous development and innovation, highlights the creation of substantial new developments which will be presented at fair tastings, for you to be aware of our shows and news we will publish on our website regularly.

Aserceli presents itself to world with this website to meet you and offer our products and services…

so will not lose any flavor!!!